Mini PC with discrete GPU: Post Covid-19, Mobile Devices which can totally competent to work from home, or for home Schooling, gaming.

Nowadays many people looking for a Mini PC with discrete GPU which can competent multi-tasking or higher demands like graphic design, gaming, data processing. Especially during a lockdown period caused by Covid-19. Covid-19 has been infected tens of millions of people, took over one million of people’s life. Many of us still going through this difficult time, and lots of us work from home or home schooling.

Where to buy a Mini PC fits your demand?

So, here comes the question—-where you can buy one?

Across the whole market, rarely found a compact size computer with discrete GPU except the Gigabee GX01.

It was launched by Gigabee(a Mini PC manufacturer based in Shenzhen China) in 2019. So far, we have delivered it to many customers and gained tremendous respect.

Detail of the Discrete GPU Mini PC.

Let’s take a overview of this Mini PC.

First of all, from the outside, the plastic case with a carbon fiber look and wrapped by a polygon metal. There is only one power button set at center of the front panel. All I/O ports are located at the back side. Left and right sides hollow out for ventilation. After it powered on, there are 2 red LED ambient strip lights shining on top of its upper case underneath the edge of polygon metal panel. Overall, its design is super sleek and stylish. You can immediately distinguish it from the conventional and lumpish ones. It just gives you a sense of powerful and enthusiasm from the appearance.

Mini PC with discrete GPU

Secondly, dimensions—the mini pc itself measured 22.2 x 19.5 x 4.0 cm, and weigh only 1.3kg, which is really compact and light weight. It sits on your desk quietly, occupied a small space, you can even hardly feel it.

When come to connectivity, there are 4 USB3.0 plus 2 USB2.0 sums up to 6 USB A ports, sufficient for daily use of peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, USB drive, external hard drive.

Nowadays, type-C is ubiquitous in mobile devices, GX01 also featured with one to match the increasing needs.

For display output, there are HDMI1.4 and DP port. One 3.5mm jack mic/speaker 2 in 1 for audio. One 100/1000M RJ45 Gigabit LAN port and built-in WiFi/Bluetooth for Network connection.

When you set up the whole set computer, that connect to monitors, keyboard and mouse, all cables are in order and still keep your desk tidy which benefit from all ports set at the back side.

Dig further to the configuration.

On the motherboard, you will have 2 DDR4 slot support up to 64GB RAM, one M.2 2208 SSD slot and one SATA 3 for 2.5 inch HDD. And besides its integrated GPU of Intel i5 i7 i9 Processor, you can enhance the graphic capability with with an additional Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 1.485Ghz-1.665Ghz graphic card separately. Gigabee pre-installed Windows 10 on it before shipment, you can purchased it with Microsoft license or just activated it yourself with your own license key. You can totally work from home with it on a big monitor and get your jobs done in seconds.

Should you still have any question, please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 12 hours. Or please call us for instant conversation.