OEM Mini PC Manufacturer Launch New J4105 Computer with 8GB RAM

Gigabee is a leading OEM Mini PC Manufacturer in Shenzhen China. Have been developing many small form factor fanless mini pc.

A new model which will be named Giga45A and launched on June 25th.

Nowadays, 4GB RAM is not enough to fulfill users demands. People are more likely expect a PC with bigger RAM even though it is just for simple office work or stream videos. Gigabee will have the prototype sample of Giga45A J4105 Mini PC with 8GB RAM to perform its highest capability.

Giga45A with no eMMC on motherboard but with a m.2 SATA slot for the size of m.2 2242 SSD. SSD is much faster and more reliable. In this way, the new mini pc with more flexible storage volume. You can determine how big your hard disk is. Normally, SSD storage 32GB /64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB you could chose from.

On the other hand, rich I/O ports are more necessary. You will find the new mini pc with total 4 USB ports, HDMI and VGA dual video output, LAN port and WiFi wireless network connectivity. A micro SD card slot for storage extension and even a legacy 3.5mm audio jack remain there. Gigabee engineered those ports distribute on 3 sides of the palm size small form factor computer properly. You will sort all cables properly.

You can’t believe it, there is also a Kensington lock slot featured on the case. It secure the device from lost, which is a perfect solution for application in public space like school, hospital, department store, etc.

Please contact Gigabee for more detail and pre-book samples for testing.