New Mini PC J4105 Giga45A

The New Mini PC J4105 Giga45A is not at the prototype stage. We are still working on it for much better finishing.

Small form factor

Mini PC J4105’s dimension 12*12*2.5cm, a ultra small form factor, just fit your palm of hand, and could be just slip into your pocket. Further more, with this small size, it remain no fan built-in. Keeps fanless and produce zero noise.

Multi I/O ports

You might worry about if it comes with sufficient ports? Well, the Mini PC compare with its predecessor, one more USB port increased, which total now reach to 4 USB ports. HDMI and VGA dual display output and at the same side of the box, sort the cables in their proper way.


1 RJ45 LAN port for steady and fast ethernet connection.

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth combo for wireless connecting to your network or wireless keyboard and mouse.

Portable and security

This kind of mini pc would be applied to medical, education, hotel, or digital signage, portable and security are big concern. Hence, we feature the new mini pc with a VESA mount and a Kensington lock hole. So that you could mount the PC to a VESA support monitor or on wall with ease.

Mini PC J4105 operating system

Onboard 8GB DDR4 and 64GB eMMC(could be customized to remove it) and M.2 SSD.

Compatible with Windows 10 Home/Windows 10 Pro, Linux/Ubuntu,Debian,Centos 7.