Recent years, the rise of the Mini PCs has been quietly. Most of Mini PCs are powerful enough to work well a wide range of tasks, from general computing through to gaming. Since early of 2020, many of us need to work from home because of Covid-19. A low-cost Mini PC is perfect fit for home PC. People could Video Calls on Skype, Zoom, browsing webs, busy with Excel, Word, e-mail or any should be done at office.

Thanks to the development of cloud technology, these small form factor PC’s growth in popularity with light weight, they perfectly fit the needs of cloud users, and people could work remotely.

On the other hand, in the manufacturing industry, often tend to be the more automation applied, the more cost-effective and effective, manufacturing become less human-intensive is definitely the future. In this case, more front-end computerized hardware needed to be equipped on the production lines. Lots of manufacturing environments are tough, hot or even dusty, hence, these computing devices better compact and robust.

Fanless Mini PCs stand out immediately, it is easier to install somewhere generally unoccupied and unnoticed, that would save a lot space. Moreover, many enterprises budgets are more tighten than ever, Mini PC itself could be cheaper than Desk PC, and thanks to its low power consumption which normally powered by 12V-19V power adaptor, usually less than 30W, cutting electric bills as well for the long run. With no fan cooling, it won’t suck in dust and debris, no moving parts, there is almost zero maintenance required which save money and minimize down time as well.

Other than that, many of other aspects can benefit from these devices too, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, shopping malls etc.

Gibabee PC19L Intel Celeron Fanless Mini PC

Gibabee PC19L Intel Celeron Fanless Mini PC